CDRHF is back!

CDRHF est de retour


After a two-year hiatus, the Canadian Drag Race Hall of Fame is back on track. The Canadian Drag Race Hall of Fame, commonly known as the CDRHF, is a registered non-profit organization that pays tribute to the legends of the world’s fastest motorsport. It recognizes the extraordinary achievements and contributions of the Canadians who dedicate their lives to the sport of drag racing. The CDRHF goes above and beyond by collecting and preserving drag racing memorabilia, artifacts, and equipment, at a museum that is soon to be launched in Montreal, Canada. It is the first and only organization to honour the “Greats” of Canadian drag racing history.

We are thrilled to bring you up to speed on what we have been up to lately. The season began with the Drag Racers’ Reunion on May 14th. This event was sponsored by John Scotti, who held a lavish dinner in his stunning dealership showroom at Lamborghini Montreal in Kirkland, Quebec. The Drag Racers’ Reunion brought together over 200 of the greatest names in Canadian drag race history. Several other inductees were in attendance, which made for a memorable evening of food, dance, storytelling, and bench racing.

Our founder and chairman, John Scotti, attended many NHRA Division 1 races this year, including Cayuga, Miramichi, Napierville, and the upcoming Indianapolis dragway. The icon of the Montreal automotive industry is taking his love for drag racing and extending it back to the track. Anticipation grows as we eagerly await the reveal of the purple Pontiac Firebird, a passion project of Mr. Scotti. This unique and powerful vehicle has been in meticulous preparation for the next season, and we are so excited to see what the future holds.

To further honour the exceptional achievements of the sport, the Canadian Drag Race Hall of Fame has committed to creating an Inductee Benefits Program. This amazing initiative is another way for the tracks involved to thank our inductees for making the sport of drag racing what it is today. It extends a hand to manufacturers and gives them an opportunity to contribute to a cause that is dear to the hearts of car lovers worldwide.

Although the end of the season is nearing, the CDRHF is proud to announce that our annual Gala will be held on November 19th, 2022. 16 nominees, both divisional and world champions, will be inducted into the Hall of Fame, the highest level of achievement in the sport of drag racing for Canadian citizens. This event encompasses the spirit of the sport by gathering both new and old inductees for a special evening of celebration. A special guest at the Gala is to be announced in November.