Auto financing advisers accompany you with professionalism

An experience of many years

The John Scotti Automotive Group has been providing automobile financing services through its dealers in Montreal for many years. Our team of Financing Advisors stands out for its professionalism and efficiency by allowing you to obtain approval in just 20 minutes for the purchase of a used vehicle.

Credit solutions adapted to your situation

We treat each request carefully to understand your needs and ensure you have the right car credit solutions for your situation. In addition, we ensure the confidentiality of your personal information at each stage of the process.

Get a credit approval in just a few moments!

2nd chance credit

You had credit problems in the past, and you have difficulty obtaining traditional financing? Looking for alternative credit? Take advantage of our 2nd chance credit services! Our professionals can help you acquire a quality used vehicle at advantageous rates based on your financial situation, while giving you valuable advice for the recovery of credit.

Bad credit

We can also help you buy a new vehicle even if you have low income or bad credit due to bankruptcy, if you are unemployed, etc. With our specialized 3rd chance credit services, you will take possession of your new car quickly and confidently, and you can even restore your credit! We will intervene for you with financial institutions to maximize your chances of credit approval.

Opt for long term leasing!

Maximum flexibility

Lease a luxury or prestige used car in Montreal! At John Scotti Leasing, our goal is to offer you maximum flexibility for renting a premium vehicle according to your needs, your budget and your requirements.

Enjoy prestige vehicles!

We are redefining the leasing experience of a used luxury car in Montreal. Lease a Porsche, a Mercedes-Benz, a Land Rover, an Audi, a Lamborghini or any other prestige car in the long term!

The financing of a used car with John Scotti Automotive is made following these 3 steps:

The first step in order to receive a credit offer from John Scotti Automotive is to complete the credit application form online you will find below. It will only take a few minutes!

Once your application has been received, one of our credit specialists will contact you as soon as possible. He will confirm with you the information provided in your application and will further determine your needs.

Once the type of credit and its terms have been chosen and validated with the help of your advisor, you can choose the vehicle that meets your desires and needs among the cars available at John Scotti Automotive. You are ready to hit the road!

Online pre-approval request